The Children’s Heart Clinic (CHC), in Minneapolis, MN, has been operating as a center for diagnosis and treatment of heart disease in the fetus, infant, child, young adult and adult for the past 40+ years. What makes CHC different than any other Cardiology practice, is that not only do the Cardiologists and Surgeons have great outcomes for their patients, the entire staff at CHC provides the compassion and emotional support that these families need in the toughest of times. 

As you can imagine, learning that you have a child who is in need of cardiac care, comes with immense fear and often times a hefty price tag. This is why we at RIKIZ, are partnering with CHC by donating a portion of our sales directly to the families to help alleviate this unexpected financial burden. It is our hope that through giving, The Children's Heart Clinic will be able to continue its effort at putting a bit of ease in the families lives, smiles on the children's faces, and help them lead healthy productive lives. For additional information on the Children's Heart Clinic go to

Thank you for partnering with us.